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The Lucky Libertarian is looking for contributors to spread the message of liberty!! If you think you have what it takes to transform the political culture via the power of your words, send us a guest post. If your submission meets our quality standards, your article will be published under a guest contributor account that we set up for you. If you’re really good, you may be invited to join the team!!

Submission Standards:

  • Posts should be a minimum of 600 words, and no more than 1200 (exceptions may be made for maximum word count, but will not be for minimum).
  • Grammar matters. The article should be in clear, concise, understandable English with a minimum of spelling and grammatical errors. None of us are perfect, but let’s make editing simpler for TLL.
  • You will submit your article as a Word document. The document should contain a featured image embedded within, or a link to one.
  • In addition to name, email address and article title (all contained in the form below), give us a brief author biography. Don’t undersell yourself, but don’t overdo it, either. One hundred fifty words should be your max; seventy five would be ideal.
  • If you operate your own libertarian website, you may post a link in your author bio.
  • Naturally, submitted articles should be libertarian in nature. This goes without saying; yet, these things sometimes need saying.
  • Any source links within the body of your article [i,e. According to Bruckmeir of CNNshould be hyperlinked. If you use academic sources that are not easily hyperlinked, please use APA 6th Edition for citations and reference list (see style guide here).
  • While we don’t mind you publishing in different venues, all articles submitted to The Lucky Libertarian must be unique to our site. Exceptions may be made upon request, for compelling reasons.
  • Accepted submissions may not be published right away. Not only are we busy (despite our reputation, libertarians do have lives), we may publish different articles at different times for strategic reasons.

Contributor Agreement:

We want all parties to be satisfied and in accordance with each other. In this spirit, anyone contributing material to The Lucky Libertarian agrees to the following terms…

  • All submissions are subject to editing. We’re picky, not only about quality, but also about niggling little things like valid sources, proper citation…well,you get the picture.
  • TLL’s standards of ethics – and civility – must be adhered to. Any claims made within an article must be verifiable, and any negative portrayal of persons written about must be the result of thorough investigation. We’re not about hit pieces, libel, and grinding axes.
  • Qualified, accepted submissions are the property of The Lucky Libertarian. Permission to publish elsewhere will be granted at the sole discretion of TLL. We’re reasonable; any such requests must also be reasonable.
  • There will be no payment rendered for contributions. We love you, but we do not have MSM’s budget.

Permanent Authors:

Naturally, we wold like to recruit  permanent base of contributing authors. This will allow our scope of influence and readership to grow, as well as highlight the talents of valuable warriors of liberty. If this is your goal, pay attention…

  • Permanent authorship is determined at the sole discretion of TLL.
  • Individuals deemed qualified for such status will be invited by the managing editor, Tarnell Brown. Those granted permanent author status may invite others whom they know to be qualified, subject to the submission of an article for review.
  • Consistently contributing excellent articles is the key to becoming a permanent member of the TLL staff. Subject matter expertise (economics, public policy, international relations, etc.) is a definitive bonus, so long as the author is able to present his expertise in an engaging manner.
  • Again, we don’t have the budget of mainstream media, but permanent authors will be afforded the opportunity to monetize their articles.  With the commitment asked of them, this is only fair.

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