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I spent years trying to figure out how to reach out and help within my community, state, and country in the best way possible. I have always been involved with things within a church family, but I recognize that not all people that I wanted to help or have a relationship with are religiously affilated. I always watched politics and as I became more involved in public jobs, outreach, and furthering my education, I was able to find myself on a permanent road to being awake when it comes to the world as a whole. I have voted in both the Democrat and Republican Parties, considering myself more of an Independent than anything else, until I found the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party Platform and ideology made so much sense to me and I wished that I had come across it a long time ago. I’ve worked in the Criminal Justice field, the Banking field, Youth Counseling, and many other roles until I most recently began working at the College that I am soon to graduate from. I have an Associates degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (in 4 weeks), and a whole lot of education from the school of Hard Knocks. My desires are to continually seek to learn every day from others and also to maintain a positive atmosphere around me where I can help people also learn and grow together. Community, compassion and love are very important to me. I believe that most people are good. I believe that we, as a community, need to try to seek out how to become better, but we need to start on an individual basis with self ownership and self responsibility. When you learn to maintain these traits, the likelihood of success in life, and the feelings of confidence and independence, are much higher than if you lean onto others as a crutch on a continual basis. My current involvement in the Libertarian Party has taught me a lot about Outreach and I have become more involved from supporting campaigns with petitioning and other campaign roles, as well as coming up with or joining with others in efforts to spread the ideas of self-reliance. I believe that Voluntaryism is the best answer when it comes to how we deal with each other.

Nov 23

November 23, 2017


By Contributing Author Alyce Auman Marketing and Outreach Tactics “YOU’RE ONE OF THOSE LIBERTARIANS?” This question that was presented to me today has pushed me to make a final decision on what I’m going to write about routinely. It has been a commonly known uphill battle trying to spread the Libertarian message. The thing is,…

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Sep 13

September 13, 2017

Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief: “If Not For The Government, Then Who?- WE WILL”

by Contributing Author Alyce Auman Friends in Liberty, I am writing to you to inform you of a FANTASTIC Libertarian movement that is creating a frenzy across the United States right now.  We want to make sure that every Libertarian is aware of what is happening.  In a quest to walk the walk and display…

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