The Lucky Libertarian


by Contributing Author Alyce Auman

Friends in Liberty,

I am writing to you to inform you of a FANTASTIC Libertarian movement that is creating a frenzy across the United States right now.  We want to make sure that every Libertarian is aware of what is happening.  In a quest to walk the walk and display the Libertarian belief in non-governmental solutions to our problems, a coalition was formed to address Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

What began with an idea between a father, Brent DeRidder, and his daughter, has now exploded into a mass effort involving Libertarians from all over the country, from all different philosophical backgrounds, coming together in a HUGE humanitarian effort. Those of us that have been soul searching and fighting for so long to figure out how to stop the infighting and how to outreach and embrace others in a loving and meaningful way to share our message finally have a positive answer.  Let’s put our energy into positive things.  Let’s walk the walk- let’s show people to answer to their question “Without the government, then who?” The answer?  “WE WILL”.

Since we have had so much success in only a week and a half, some of us have formed a committee and have decided that we want to keep this mission alive from this day forward.  After Hurricane Harvey, and now also Hurricane Irma, have settled and are in the recovering phase, we want to turn this venture into a Not For Profit agency that is run by us Libertarians for emergencies and disasters in the United States. Red Cross? FEMA?  Nah, we got this. This coalition is run by complete Voluntaryism and every single cent of donations go right to the victims.

We are currently forming a website and working on making this a “legal” not for profit agency.  We are asking for all of you, from the state level and down, to support us.

The benefits of this agency will be us displaying the Libertarian lifestyle that we love and hold dear to our hearts through education with this outreach. We will also be embracing Voluntaryism and showing people it’s okay to take care of each other without the government forcing us to give them our money that they misuse. When I came to this party I noticed an urgent need for efficient and empathetic outreach.  This is a huge opportunity for us. How many times have we been asked “So, you just want people to die” since we don’t agree with the mainstream progressives in economic and social programs? Of course we don’t!  We just want to better use our resources without having to go through a middle man that keeps most of it and uses it for things that we don’t want them to.

Let’s make some noise and show people what we are talking about when we say that FREEDOM is the answer and that it can be done.  I am including links to our current sites to show you what is happening and I am asking on behalf of our committee for you to support us in any ways that you can, including making any size donation to us to get up and going.  A team effort of donations whether supplies, money, or your time, would surge our effort into full throttle and show the citizens of the United States that we are very serious about our efforts and we won’t be silenced anymore. We are currently using a Go Fund Me since this started off as a small grassroots effort, and we will be obtaining a bank account and website shortly as we are working on the Not for Profit filing at this time. We need volunteers that want to help divvy up the roles so that this is a real team effort and something that is maintained for the long term.  Too many times there are a small amount of people doing all the work.  Each and every one of you has a skill set to offer.  Take some time to consider if you were on the receiving end of receiving help from strangers when you most needed it, wouldn’t you be more open to listening to those people’s thoughts since they are walking the walk? We need to start building actual solutions to people’s issues instead of only speaking ideology.  There are so many issues we can address if we team up, work together, use our skill sets, and produce solutions.

From rescuing people from the disaster zones, to delivering and distribution of supplies to people in need, to directing people on where they can go for shelter and assistance, to taking people on shopping sprees to replenish what they have lost—- We have never felt this good.  Follow our Facebook page to participate in this effort that your Libertarian family, and many others working with us, are working so hard on.  Or not, I won’t tell you what to do. (but, really, you should, it’s been an amazing journey)

Below are the links to all relevant information and the original news release.  There is also a link to the interview on the Tom Woods show just 3 days after this effort was launched.

Efforts of more than 600 or more libertarian activists and individuals as well as 50+ Libertarian organizations and hosts have built this team.  To put some names and faces with our requests, I am including the members of the committee:

  • Brent DeRidder

Secretary of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina

North Carolina

  • Kory Watkins

Kory Watkins for Texas

Hunt County Libertarian Party


  • Desarae Lindsey

Chair of Henderson County Libertarian Party

Campaign Manager for Kory Watkins for Texas Governor

Operations Director of Champaign Tech Services and of Disrupt the Vote


  • Alyce Auman

Lovely Liberty Ladies (Admin)

Western New York Liberty Initiative (Outreach Initiative)

Gary Johnson WNY Regional Volunteer Coordinator (Petitioning)

Larry Sharpe for New York State Governor 2018 Volunteer Coordinator

Liberty Viral Contributing Author/The Lucky Libertarian Contributing Author

New York

  • Chris Ritcheson

Director of Social Media at Rock County Libertarian Party

Muh Tube on YouTube

Muh Radio podcast at Vivi Media

Co-Organizer of Supplies Party (school supplies drive for Rock County)

Larry Sharpe for New York State Governor 2018 YouTube Coordinator


  • Hesham El-Meligy

Co-Founder of Muslims 4 Liberty

New York, New York

  • Raylene Scott

Libertarian Party of Kitsap County

Radical Self Ownership


  • Christopher Rohloff

Treasurer and Social Media Director of Libertarian Party of Thurston County

Social Media for James Blair for Yelm City Council, Pos. 7 campaign.


  • Chris Dodson

Project Manager for Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief

Kory Watkins for Governor of Texas

New member of the Smith County Libertarian Party


  • Michael Anderson

Young Americans for Liberty

Texas State Chair


  • T.E. Finnegan

Former LP Texas SLEC Rep. SD6
Co-Founder RAILS – Relevant Active Inclusive Libertarian Support


  • Tyler Lindsey

Henderson County Libertarian Party

Kory Watkins for Texas Governor

LP Texas Executive Committee


  • Benjamin Leder

Resident of Texas/Friend of Libertarian members

  • Chris Betancourt

Resident of Texas/Friend of Libertarian members

  • Rachel Vargo

Editor and Administrator for The Environmental Porcupine

Anarchist Ambassadors

South Carolina

  • Shane Sweeny

Co-Founder, and M.C. For Liberty in the South
Founding member of the Liberty in the South podcast (soon to go live)
LP Radical Caucus member
Media outreach as well as social media team member
Member of the Lexington County Libertarian Party

South Carolina

  • Caitlin Cloven

Social Media and Marketing Director of Think Liberty
Contributor at Being Libertarian
Libertarian Party of Minnesota
Voluntaryism In Action
Social Media Coordinator of Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief



***Forwarding of this information is highly encouraged and appreciated***

Feel free to read, donate, join and share:

Go Fund Me Link for Texas Relief Donations: (will be replaced with a bank account when the Not For Profit is finished being set up, also website to come):

Facebook Twibbon:

Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief Facebook Page: (Public)

Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief (Private Facebook group) if you want to help:


Tom Woods interview with Brent DeRidder a few days after we started:–k&

Our YouTube Information Release by Chris Ritcheson and Steven Brantmeier:



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Kelly’s Voluntary Village group
Awakening Anarchy group


With Sincere Gratitude,

Alyce M. Auman




I spent years trying to figure out how to reach out and help within my community, state, and country in the best way possible. I have always been involved with things within a church family, but I recognize that not all people that I wanted to help or have a relationship with are religiously affilated. I always watched politics and as I became more involved in public jobs, outreach, and furthering my education, I was able to find myself on a permanent road to being awake when it comes to the world as a whole. I have voted in both the Democrat and Republican Parties, considering myself more of an Independent than anything else, until I found the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party Platform and ideology made so much sense to me and I wished that I had come across it a long time ago. I’ve worked in the Criminal Justice field, the Banking field, Youth Counseling, and many other roles until I most recently began working at the College that I am soon to graduate from. I have an Associates degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (in 4 weeks), and a whole lot of education from the school of Hard Knocks. My desires are to continually seek to learn every day from others and also to maintain a positive atmosphere around me where I can help people also learn and grow together. Community, compassion and love are very important to me. I believe that most people are good. I believe that we, as a community, need to try to seek out how to become better, but we need to start on an individual basis with self ownership and self responsibility. When you learn to maintain these traits, the likelihood of success in life, and the feelings of confidence and independence, are much higher than if you lean onto others as a crutch on a continual basis. My current involvement in the Libertarian Party has taught me a lot about Outreach and I have become more involved from supporting campaigns with petitioning and other campaign roles, as well as coming up with or joining with others in efforts to spread the ideas of self-reliance. I believe that Voluntaryism is the best answer when it comes to how we deal with each other.