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Live Free: A Welcome To The Lucky Libertarian

May 24, 2016|Posted in: Miscellaneous

Live Free…The Motto of All Lucky Libertarians

Live free. This is the natural state of human affairs. Increasingly, we reside in a world where it is becoming ever more difficult to live free. I don’t know about you, but that fact bothers me. Whether you are a religious individual that believes in some version of the Dominion Mandate, or a humanist that believes that Man’s ability to reason gives him primacy over his own life, the exponential expansion of government creep is one of the most disconcerting trends of our age. Once, you could make a distinction between the developed West, the socialist Eastern bloc, and the undeveloped world. In the West, men and women lived free. In the rest of the world, not so much.

Those days are gone. With the advent of globalization, ideas cross borders at an astounding rate. This has had both positive and negative effects. At odds is the capitalism that has historically been the domain of the West, and the collectivist philosophies of most of the rest of the world. That many parts of the world have embraced socialism, with its platitudes regarding the equality of all men, is hardly shocking, especially after generations of authoritarian rule. The idea that no man should have a place higher than any other must seem a boon to those who have always been under the thumb of the privileged and powerful. They, after all, simply yearn to live free.

Yet, we here in America know better, or the very least, we should. We have seen the transformative power of open markets combined with a government tasked with protecting freedoms, instead of protecting them. For some reason that I cannot begin to understand, we have walked back our mandate to live free in the spirit of some wrongheaded notion of equality. We are not equal. I realize that there are some that will scoff at this point, but men are equal only in the eyes of whatever God they believe in (or not), and, in theory, under the law. We have different levels of skill, talent, desire and motivation. I cannot expect to earn what a neurosurgeon earns. I don’t have the capacity to do what she does. However, in a nation where men and women live free, the neurosurgeon is rewarded for her talent and skill, and all parties involved reap the benefits thereof. That is the essence of being able to live free.


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Instead, we see a nation that has traded the right to live free for security. Instead of government providing protection for rights both natural and Constitutional, they find paths around these rights or eradicate them completely. We have seen states dictate who may use which restroom; a matter as private as any I can think off. We witness businesses being denied the right of free association and trade, as government decided who must bake a cake for whom. The Patient Care and Affordable Care Act has redefined what it means to engage in private commerce, turning a market transaction into a matter for tax authorities, and forcing private firms to operate at a loss. They somehow fail to see the irony of passing a law to assist those that cannot afford insurance that requires those same individuals to purchase the private insurance they cannot afford, and punish them if they do not.

We have witnessed the rise of populist candidates who want to build walls or trade the variability of capitalism for democratic socialism. This last is of critical importance, as recent studies have shown that millennials, who are surpassing Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest demographic,  as a whole prefer socialism over capitalism. This is true despite the fact that we have witnessed the collapse of the nation with the world’s largest oil reserves. While Robert Higgs is correct when he observes that all monocausal theories of economic growth and downturn are wrong at The Beacon, Venezuela is a classic case of the destructive impact of socialism and government overreach. That it is democratic socialism hardly matters.

It was my initial thought to eschew an introductory post for this blog, and get right down to cases. Don’t worry; my thoughts on Venezuela, transgender restrooms, the shell game that is the left’s focus on income inequality and many other challenges that we face will appear in the coming days, week and months. If all goes as planned, we will discuss these things for years to come. This site will grow, evolve and improve, and you, the readers, will help guide this evolution.

The American Experiment was flawed from the start. A collection of extraordinary men (and the women that helped make them possible), resolved to create a more perfect Union where all men could live free. Yet, they denied the opportunity to live free to African chattel and their descendants, to indigenous natives, and for many years, to women who had to fight for the right to be part of the political process. They were not perfect. They knew they were not, hence, John Adams called for a nation of laws instead of men. Whatever their foibles, the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness being inalienable rights to everyone were worthy and precious ideals. It is our duty as those who were born free to fight to continue to live free.

Words helped create a great nation. Perhaps our words can help save one. Welcome to The Lucky Libertarian.

Live free or die trying.




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